The company was initially formed in 1998 as an umbrella to look after all the written work of Pete Gallagher, a successful actor, director and writer working in all areas of the industry at the highest level since 1983.

Pete served his apprenticeship in small scale shows, gaining knowledge on the ground floor and has moved onward and upward ever since. He has been a regular in leading roles in the West End for the last ten years or so and has also worked in TV, film, video and as a voice over artist.

As well as performing, Pete has been a regular director of fringe and drama college productions and in 1988 became one of the youngest headmasters in history when he took over as Head of the Student Body at the Corona Academy of Theatre Arts, overseeing its transformation to the Maurice Lane Academy of Theatre in 1989. It was this appointment which inspired him to start writing for his students, plays and sketches, and since then he has had a quite prolific output. The turning point came when he was asked to write the Tina Turner Story for the British stage and he realised there were far more interesting, original stories he wanted to explore at different levels.

In the continuing promotion of his projects he has worked (amongst others) with JOHN MILES, LENNY ZAKATEK, GUS DUDGEON, PATRICK MOWER, LON SATTON, PAUL COLLIS, RAJ DHANDA, PAUL FARRAH, NIMBUS, THE LYRIC HAMMERSMITH, CLAUD-PAUL HENRY, STEPHEN WEST, GLENN CARTER, JULIE-ALANNAH BRIGHTEN, JONATHON MORRIS, MARTIN FISHER STUDIOS, THE FINBOROUGH, ADAM BARKER, ROBERT LANG and PETER WYNGARDE, with future projects planned with THE PLEASANCE, DEREK JACOBI and STEPHEN MULHERN. Over the years, he has assembled an enviable team around him, including Simon Henderson (record producer), Richard Storry (composer), Claud-Paul Henry (choreographer), Chris Filsell (art design), Robert Yeal (fine artist), Michael Small (creative consultant), David A Roylance (director), Mia Flodquist (costume design), Cleo Pettitt (set design) and a huge network of actors, singers and dancers who are on call at any time.

The projects outlined within this website are those currently being promoted and all are at different levels - some have been showcased already (responses are shown), others are scheduled to be seen very soon and some are brand new and are looking for their first showing.

In an industry constantly bemoaning the lack of new writing talent, I find it eternally frustrating that the second criteria should be track record. There are several projects here which would grace any stage, TV channel or record label and I hope you enjoy discovering them as much as I enjoyed writing them.



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