Christmas Shop
  "…Let’s make Christmas feel like Christmas for everyone……….."

‘THE CHRISTMAS SHOP’ is the story of a man who might be Santa Claus. He is thrown into a village at Christmas time to see if he can help those who are struggling for one reason or another. It is the story of one woman who thinks she constantly has to beat the world and one man who thinks the world constantly bats him. It is the story of their respective children and how innocence can shine through all the complications of a wounded adult world and still emerge smiling.

However, it is also the story of a local official who has let his greed get the better of him and has forgotten the people he is meant to be serving.

When NICHOLAS SANTOS emerges from nowhere with his army of helpers to open his ‘Christmas Swap Shop’, he seems to have the backing of the entire village. His simple philosophy; to help those who need it at Christmas. In an ever more commercial world, some cannot keep up, and so with his army of helpers he turns unwanted toys and gifts back into sparkling new ones. These can then be swapped for more unwanted items, perpetuating the system. As always though, when someone tries to help others, they find barriers. In this case, HINTON BROMSGORE (local M.P.) and his two lackeys, MERTON and MILES who are, mysteriously, very keen for the shop to close down.

Two children, DANNY HARRIS and BECCY HARDCASTLE, uncover a plot to oust the old man and set about helping him, even though they believe he is not actually Santa Claus. Their parents, GEORGE and STELLA respectively, are unwittingly dragged into the situation and the scene is set for NICK to begin his work. GEORGE, a defeated dreamer and STELLA, a confirmed cynic, are going to be his greatest challenge to breathe new life into the true meaning of Christmas. You see, he doesn’t just repair toys - he does a pretty good job with broken lives as well.

It is the story of how the spirit of goodwill can conquer all else.

It is also a lesson in hope that that all-conquering spirit, in a world which desperately needs it, can live for longer than just one day each year.

The songs range in style from big ballad through syncopated jazz to calypso. Several possible single releases including ‘LET’S MAKE CHRISTMAS (FEEL LIKE CHRISTMAS FOR EVERYONE)’ (calypso) and ‘GIVE LOVE FOR CHRISTMAS’ (ballad).



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